Get a Lawyer

03/18/2013 19:31


Are you thinking of starting a new business in the Mobile, Alabama area? Will this business mainly operate online? Will you be writing or using music as part of your business venture? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to make sure you find the right Mobile lawyer who can help you get your businesses started right and protect your business interests.


Finding the right lawyer isn’t the easiest or cheapest thing in the world to do, but as a new business owner it is necessary to protect yourself. A good lawyer will make sure you are getting money that is owed you, correct any FTC compliance issues, and create contracts that work for you. Listed below are a few specific legal areas that the right lawyer can help you wade through.


·       Terms and conditions. If your new business is mainly going to be e-commerce, then a terms and conditions lawyer is necessary. A terms and conditions lawyer will draft the right language for users of your website to read and sign saying that they agree with the terms and conditions of using your website.

·       Copyright. A copyright lawyer will help you protect and license your intellectual property. This is especially helpful for musicians, artists, and writers who don’t have a legal patent saying they own the rights to an invention. A copyright lawyer can ensure that the material you created you own. They can also help you earn money from your creativity through licensing agreements. Any organization who wants to use your material will have to pay fee in order to legally use it. A copyright lawyer makes sure you get paid.

·       Trademarks. Following on from copyrighting, a trademark is also vitally important as you create your brand for your business. A trademark lawyer will help you draw up the conditions in which someone can use your trademarked brand or image. Like a copyright lawyer, a trademark lawyer will help you collect fees owed you for organizations using your trademark.

·       Privacy policy. Creating a privacy policy is essential particularly if your business will be handling a lot of customer’s private information such as birthdays, credit card numbers, and social security numbers. A privacy policy lawyer can help you create the privacy policy for your company so you and your customers are protected. With the amount of identity thieves out there, it is important to protect your customers as much as you can. This will ensure their goodwill toward your company and keep them doing business with you instead of your competitors.


You have a lot to think about as you launch into a new business. Years of planning and dreaming are finally becoming a reality. Find a good lawyer in the Mobile, Alabama area who can handle the details of protecting your business from frivolous legal action. That way you can concentrate on doing what you love to do.